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The residence
Residence entrance
The residence Porticella is located into the ancient suburb of Milazzo called "Antico Borgo", at the feet of the castle which overlook the city, inside the last town-wall which is still partially visible few meters north of the residence. The Residence takes its name from one of the entrances of the castle, the name indicates as well a nearby stone stair, which allows to reach on foot the west coast.
On the other side of the residence it is also possible to reach (on foot or by car) the east coast where there are two little touristic ports and the beach of "Croce di Mare". A third touristic port is located inside the commercial harbour. The area offers as well many restaurants and bar.

The residence viewed from the outside
The residence is within easy reach of the main entrance of the castle and the central part of the suburb called "Borgo Antico" a very popular area in the summer and weekends where is possible to find many restaurants and bars (opened only at night).

The residence was created redecorating two ancient adjacent buildings , the works have been done with the purpose of enhancing the original architectural style of the buildings, compromising with modern and efficient services.
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